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It may be hard to decide what the better treatment for missing teeth is: dental implants or dentures. Although dentures can be removed and cleaned each night, implants are permanently affixed to the jawbone. Dentures are also prone to damage if you drop them, whereas implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Below are a few benefits of dental implants:

– No Collateral Damage: Because dental implants are firmly rooted in the locations of the previous tooth, they will not grind up next to or shift towards other healthy neighboring teeth.

– Proven Success: Dental implants have a proven track record and extremely high success rate.

– Conformity: Implants act just like your normal teeth, and should be brushed and cleaned the same as well.

– Speech:: Dentures and bridges can alter your speech, but implants do not.

– Stability: Dental implants don’t risk the chance of embarrassment as dentures can if they fall out. Implants are firmly rooted in place.

– Durability: If properly cared for, dental implants last a lifetime.

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