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We all know that oral health prevents cavities, keeps your teeth looking great, and doesn’t scare off dates with bad breath. However, did you know that good oral health does more for you than just help keep your mouth in perfect shape?

Believe it or not, good oral health has far-reaching benefits that go beyond your mouth. Keeping your teeth healthy will help you ward off various other diseases. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

• Diabetes
• Leukemia
• Oral cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Heart disease
• Kidney disease

Does it seem far-fetched to think that oral health can help you fight kidney disease? It might, but according to the Academy of General Dentistry there’s a strong, documented relationship between gum disease and health complications like those listed above, including strokes and heart disease.

Between practicing solid oral hygiene at home and regular visits with Dr. Barron at Barron Dentistry you can do a lot to prevent any of these other issues. If you don’t visit a dentist regularly and take care of your teeth, you can experience things like gum disease, in addition to oral and facial pain, problems with your heart and other major organs, and digestion problems.

If you have a family history of any of the problems listed above, it’s in your best interests to stay on top of your oral health.