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Getting your biannual oral screening is vital against the fight against any signs of oral cancer. Here at Barron Dentistry, we want to make sure you receive the right examinations to prevent oral cancer in the mouth, neck, or throat. Dr. Barron and his professional associates want to work with you to fight against this common cancer.

The lips, gums, neck, throat, and cheeks are all susceptible to having tissues with cancer. If you are experiencing consistent, painful sores or discoloration on any of these areas, they may be symptoms of oral cancer. Pain in these areas as well as your bite or ears, relentless sore throats, odd and unexplained feelings in the back of the throat are other indications.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in the extremity of trouble breathing, swallowing, or even bleeding, seek immediate medical attention.

Risks of oral cancer include:

– heavy alcohol usage,
– smoking tobacco,
– not receiving enough nutrition,
– not getting enough exercise,
– too much sun exposure,
– local chemicals,
– inherited mutations, immune disorders, or hormones, and
– untreated infections.

Be informed of the risks so you can not only protect yourself but also others such as your children. Visit Barron Dentistry today to receive a screening for oral cancer here in Fort Worth, Texas. Our office wants you to come and get the treatment you need to prevent oral cancer. Call us at 817.732.1626 today!