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Your daily oral hygiene routine is designed to remove bacterial matter from your mouth to help reduce your chances of suffering cavities and periodontal health problems. If you take a relaxed stance toward brushing and flossing it can cause a cavity to form on one of your teeth.

This often starts out as a small area of tooth enamel that has been weakened by the natural bacteria living in your mouth. If it’s caught early Dr. Barron can often repair a small cavity with a simple amalgam of composite resin dental filling.

The dental repair process typically starts with Dr. Barron numbing the tooth and underlying gums, before using a drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. This will provide a clean surface to adhere the dental filling material

The specific material Dr. Barron uses for your dental filling will depend on the tooth’s primary function and its appearance in your smile. An amalgam dental filling is created from a blend of inert dental metals. It will be a dark color thus making amalgam a poor choice to repair a cavity that appears in your smile.

To repair a cavity on one of your front teeth Dr. Barron might use a composite resin material. This is a special dental plastic that can be perfectly shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel in your smile.

Once dental filling been hardened by the ultraviolet light it will repair the tooth for many years ahead.

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